Stain Saturation for Individual Fence Pickets

One of the biggest advantages of dip staining is saturation of the wood. At A and A Fence & Concrete we hand dip each picket one by one with professional grade Ready Seal before installation.

Our Drying Process Improves the Life and Quality for Wood Fences

It is important to note that not all dip staining processes are created equal. A and A Fence & Concrete takes the time to dry our pickets to remove as much of the natural moisture in the wood as possible. This drying process allows the stain to penetrate the wood which helps to prevent streaking when subjected to rain or sprinklers after installation.

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Ready Seal Stain Offers Protection and Beautiful Fences

Ready Seal is known to surpass other sealers when compared to the ease of maintenance and overall beauty while also forming a barrier to protect your new fence from the elements, premature aging and rot damage.

Our Ready Seal professional grade wood stain and sealer creates a deep, rich color that highlights the natural grain of the wood. We have chosen one of the more popular color choices offered by Ready Seal (pecan) as our standard color.

Why Dip Staining is Better than Conventional Spray Staining

Another reason to use dip staining over the conventional spraying method is the elimination of overspray that can occur when using a spray application. The overspray that can take place from applying stain with a sprayer could potentially damage adjoining property, concrete, vehicles, or plants.

Just as we install our fences picket by picket, we take the extra care to dip stain each individual picket to ensure that we deliver the best product possible.

As a team, we are dedicated to service and value. Our focus is on you!

Choosing to build a wood fence is both an environmentally and economically sound decision. When properly maintained, your A AND A wood fence will provide many years of security and beauty, at a fraction of the cost of more expensive types of fencing.

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